Tech To The Rescue launches #TechForUkraine campaign to support NGOs with digital solutions

  • Date: 28/02/22
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Russian aggression on Ukraine means that humanitarian aid needs coordination. Local and international NGOs are in need of digital help to coordinate humanitarian aid and maximize their efforts. 
For many years, Ukrainian NGOs have been providing help to millions of people in need. Today they need support in digital transformation to operate effectively and continue their work in desperate conditions. As members of the tech community, here’s what you can do to support Ukraine.
Tech To The Rescue is launching the #TechForUkraine campaign which mobilises Tech companies around the world to support Ukrainian non-profits pro bono by delivering digital solutions to increase their impact. 

They’re looking for support in areas such as: improving cybersecurity, resource distribution, safe messaging, embedded payments, data-driven decision making and making donations easier.

Over 400 entities have already pledged tech support to help Ukrainian non-profits with their missions, lead more and get involved.

#TechForUkraine is looking to match Ukrainian NGOs in need of digital support with tech companies prepared to offer solutions:

  • Non-profit organisations acting for Ukraine that need technological help in digital transformation. If you’re a NGO, apply here:
  • Tech companies that are ready to design solutions that will build resilience and digital capacity of non-profits. If you’re a tech company, apply here:

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