Tech Touch – online conference for Georgian business and technology professionals

  • Date: 29/05/20 to 31/05/20
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Tech Touch – an online tech conference for Georgian business and technology professionals will take place on 29-31 May 2020.

The three-day event will gather business owners, developers, and marketers to discuss current issues and find potential solutions to save business and overcome the crisis.

IT companies, developers, tech students, project and product managers, white hackers, engineers, AI-scientists and AI-based start-up founders will get together to learn the latest trends in the web world, new AI-based discoveries and applications, cybersecurity challenges, fintech, leadership in IT sphere, product development, autonomous vehicle tech and ethics in the age of Industry 4.0.

⇒ Cloud Technology – how companies can use cloud technologies to run their business online
⇒ AI/ML & Big Data – collecting the Big Data, analysing and using it to understand and predict customer behaviour
⇒ E-commerce – how to keep operations running, cut down burdens, keep the team and sales working
⇒ Fintech – new solutions for business, retail banking, digital banking, start-ups & banks
⇒ Cybersecurity – protecting company data while working online, employee privacy issues
⇒ Tourism & Travel Technology – how to prepare for the boom after the crisis, will the boom actually be there, next tourism season: expectations and projections, how technology can help business in the travel and hospitality industry
⇒ Remote work: how the crisis will make us more global and open new opportunities, going global – new wave
⇒ Start-ups: what investors think, what founders should know to survive 

– Keynote talks from the leading professionals in the field of IT development, engineering, project management, entrepreneurship, investment – with live chat for questions.
– Practical workshops.
– Round table about cybersecurity and privacy.
– Live discussions about the most painful topics nowadays.
– Online meditation.

Pre-sale registration is open for Early Bird tickets (25 GEL):

Languages of the conference – Georgian and English, depending on the speakers’ preferences.

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