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EU4Digital prepares for Ukraine–Moldova–Romania eCustoms pilot launch

To prepare for its upcoming trilateral pilot of eCustoms technology and processes, EU4Digital visited selected…

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EU4Digital updates EU-EaP eCommerce harmonisation recommendations

The EU4Digital Facility has finalised the updated recommendations for the harmonisation of eCommerce between t…

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Key milestone in Ukraine-Romania-Moldova EU4Digital eCustoms pilot

The customs authorities of Ukraine, Moldova and Romania signed a trilateral Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)…

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Moldovan start-ups to benefit from EBRD €10 million GapMinder investment

Tech start-ups in Moldova will be able to access new funding opportunities from GapMinder Fund II, a venture c…

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EU supports Moldova–Ukraine–Romania cross-border trading through EU4Digital eCustoms testing

Trading with one’s neighbours is important for any country. For Moldova and Ukraine, now that they are candida…

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Wine Diamond — future ambassador to Europe of centuries-long Georgian tradition

“I had a previous life.” This is how Tamar Abuladze, the founder of Georgian brand ‘Wine Diamond’, begins the…

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The personal touch: Ukrainian wood company polishes its eCommerce strategy

“Wood is the all-time best material for making goods,” says Volodymyr Popovych, founder of ‘LIGNO’ in Western…

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Ukrainian doormats gaining European customers with EU4Digital and ITC support

Does your doormat spark joy? Ukrainian company PJSC Dubno Plant of Rubber and Technical Goods (RTG)…

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