Through its EU4Digital initiative, the European Union supports trade facilitation and harmonisation among Eastern Partner countries and with the EU, by promoting common frameworks for eCommerce, eCustoms and eLogistics, and working towards Digital Transport Corridors.

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In support of these goals, the EU4Digital Facility will:

  • Pilot cross-border eTrade components among EaP partner countries and with EU member states
  • Promote networking between eTrade stakeholders in the region
  • Pilot cross-border eCommerce enablers among EaP partner countries and with the EU
  • Pilot mechanisms for information exchange between cross-border customs offices
  • Work towards a pilot for a Digital Multi-modal (maritime and land) Transport Corridor between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea

The EU4Digital eTrade network addresses the digital aspects of the full import-export cycle. It has set the following targets for 2020:

  • Harmonised legislation for eCommerce, eCustoms and eLogistics among partners and with the EU
  • Import-export processes re-engineered for eTrade, in all partner countries
  • Pilot in place for cross-border eTrade among partners and with the EU
  • Pilot in place for a Digital Transport Corridor between the Baltic and the Black Sea

EU support for cross-border eTrade will simplify export procedures through paperless trade and electronic logistics, reduce border delays, increase the security and transparency of operations, cut administrative costs and revenue losses through fraud, and improve the competitiveness of the digital economy.


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