Ukraine digital transformation projects can apply for ‘Community 4.0’ support

  • Date: 13/02/23
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Until 20 February, Ukraine’s municipalities and regional digital transformation leaders can apply for ‘Community 4.0’ support for their digital projects. Despite the ongoing war, municipalities have been continuing to develop digitalisation processes, which are believed to significantly contribute to the country’s resilience at both local and national levels. To accelerate the creation and implementation of such projects, Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation and the Ukrainian organisation SocialBoost, with support from the EU-funded U-LEAD with Europe programme, have launched ‘Community 4.0’.  

The ‘Community 4.0’ acceleration programme will help digital transformation leaders in Ukraine’s regions to launch digital projects in accordance with the needs of residents. The programme covers initiatives relating to the digital economy, development of digital skills or digital infrastructure in communities, and digitalisation of public services. It involves the use of existing technologies and the development of new solutions. The accelerator will contribute to strengthening resilience, optimising digital processes and introducing innovations that will contribute to the recovery and reconstruction of the country. 

The programme is aimed at participants who:

  • represent a community with a population of up to 50 thousand people;
  • have an idea for a project for digital transformation;
  • have broadband internet connectivity;
  • have elected a person responsible for digital transformation;
  • have a circle of activists who are ready to initiate and implement digital change. 

SocialBoost will select 48 communities to participate in ‘Community 4.0’, with the goal to develop at least 24 digital transformation project concepts ready for piloting. 

The Ministry of Digital Transformation support for the programme will provide access to best practices and resources that have accumulated over years of work in the field of informatisation.