Ukraine: eCourt app developed with EU support

  • Date: 13/09/21
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A new ‘eCourt’ mobile application has been developed in Ukraine as part of the United Nations Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme funded by the European Union. The app, developed together with the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine and the Centre for Judicial Services, aims to speed up and optimise the judicial processes, while simplifying Ukrainians’ access to legal services.

Citizens will be able to use the mobile application to get quick access to essential documents in their personal electronic cabinet, and courts will be able to inform litigants regarding the status of specific cases in real time. In addition to ensuring equal access to court services for all, the application will help promptly to obtain information on the progress of cases and about relevant procedural documents for residents of remote and non-government controlled areas.

UN Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme Manager Victor Munteanu said digital transformation was the key to ensuring equal, comfortable and unhindered access for all Ukrainians to e-services, as public demand for digitalisation of public services in Ukraine is growing swiftly.

“The eCourt mobile application is an example of how the processes related to court proceedings and justice in Ukraine are becoming more accessible,” Munteanu said. “Citizens will now save their time on bureaucratic procedures receiving the necessary services via the application on their smartphones.”

The application’s functionalities will allow users to:

  • Receive push notifications regarding the receipt of new documents and changes and updates to ongoing cases;
  • Review cases, proceedings, procedural documents sent by the courts to their e-cabinet;
  • View applications, petitions and other documents created by users in their e-cabinet;
  • View powers of attorney and warrants in the e-cabinet;
  • Cancel powers of attorney and warrants issued by the user.

The application can already be downloaded for iOS and Android smartphones.

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