Ukraine’s index of digital transformation study reveals regional results

  • Date: 17/04/23
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The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine has developed an index of digital transformation in the country’s 24 regions and published the results for 2022. The Digital Transformation Index of Regions allows comparisons to be made, which is important for the analysis, planning and implementation of digital reforms by the regional authorities

The purpose of the index is to create a foundation for research into the level of digital transformation in regional state administrations. The results will allow authorities, analysts, developers and other interested parties to optimise digital transformation processes in the regions. 

The index covers the following eight domains:

  • Institutional capacity
  • Internet development
  • Development of service centres 
  • ‘Paperless’ service provision
  • Digital education 
  • Penetration of basic electronic services
  • Digital transformation of industry 
  • Business card of the region

The index assigns points to these areas, adding up to a maximum total of 1. Results of the 2022 study show that the overall index within Ukraine is 0.650 points out of 1. The regions with the highest values are Dnipropetrovsk [0.916], Ternopil [0.910] and Odesa [0.836]. Among the main sub-indices, the highest values were observed in the areas: ‘Development of service centres’ [0.771], ‘Paperless service provision’ [0.691] and ‘Development of the internet’ [0.683]. 

A ‘paperless’ regime is being introduced in Ukraine with the aim of increasing the efficiency of state bodies, reducing costs and optimising services for the population. This relies on digital infrastructure such as cloud services, information systems and platforms. The research included measurement of electronic document flow processes, digitisation of registers in regional state administrations, and implementation of electronic services in various types of institutions. 

According to the study, as of 2021, the share of Ukrainians with basic and higher level digital skills was 52.2%. The Ministry of Digital Transformation has set the goal of reaching 6 million Ukrainians with digital educational content by 2024. 

Further information

See this news on the Ministry of Digital Transformation website or view the detailed study.