Update on interoperability in eHealth across the Eastern Partnership

  • Date: 29/06/21 to 29/06/21
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The EU4Digital eHealth team is organising a virtual eHealth event on 29 June, which aims to bring together eHealth Network members from the six Eastern partner countries to discuss upcoming activities and updates on interoperability in eHealth across the Eastern Partnership.

In this event, participants will hear from the European Commission sharing recent developments in eHealth across the EU, as well as guest speakers from Spain (Catalonia) and Portugal sharing country-level updates in eHealth interoperability.

In the first part of the event, the EU4Digital eHealth team will share the outline of upcoming eHealth activities to align the next steps with the eHealth Network. This discussion will be followed by a European Commission representative speaking about updates in the EU strategy for Health data spaces, the next generation European Electronic Health Record exchange format (EHRxF) and other important developments in eHealth in the EU, and by the country-level perspectives from Spin and Portugal.

Lastly, eHealth Network representatives from each Eastern partner country will provide an update on eHealth interoperability developments in their country.