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Free online training for SMEs

Mastering digital technologies can be truly overwhelming for a small business. Have you also been struggling to find the right training or even knowing where to start? We know your challenges.

EU4Digital Academy has gathered courses on most relevant topics from the best providers and platforms, to provide tailored country packages for each EaP country

‘A to Z’ of digital skills you need in a single learning platform
Training available in different languages of the Eastern Partnership
Tailored to the markets in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

Discover courses for your country
and enrol for free

Explore EU4Digital Academy courses on topics such as eCommerce, digital marketing and digitalisation of business, tailored for your country. Study in English or in your native language by the links below!

Status: Available
Available Languages: English, Ukrainian, Romanian
Course Duration: 10 hours, self-paced

eCommerce in EU Marketplaces

We will introduce the basics of eCommerce and recent trends, before diving into the features of specific marke…

Status: Coming soon

Digital Marketing

The EU4Digital Academy ‘Digital Marketing’ course is all about strategies and tools that really work. We will…

Status: Coming soon

Digitalisation of Business

Digitalisation is one of the main drivers of competition today. On the course ‘Digitalisation of Business’, yo…


EU4Digital Academy is proudly supported by a collaborative network of dedicated partners across the Eastern Partnership countries and in the EU.

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