The European Union supports the implementation of digital skills strategies in the Eastern Partnership countries, acting to establish national coalitions for digital jobs and a competence framework for small businesses.

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In support of these goals, the EU4Digital Facility will:

  • Define a methodology for measuring and forecasting national digital skills gaps
  • Define a common competence framework for SMEs and microbusinesses
  • Create national coalitions for skills and jobs
  • Carry out training seminars and workshops 
  • Implement promotion campaigns in partner countries

The Facility supports the work of the EU4Digital eSkills network, which has the following priorities in focus:

  • Digital skills for citizens
  • Digital skills for ICT professionals
  • Digital skills for non-ICT workforce, including SMEs
  • Digital skills in education (digital skills for educators, youth and students)

Digital skills are vital to increasingly digital economies and societies. By supporting the development of digital skills, the EU is helping to match skills with the demands of emerging sectors, contributing to jobs, private sector development, and dynamic economic growth.


EU Code Week 2023

  • 07/10/23 to 22/10/23

Every year, EU Code Week celebrates and promotes the importance of digital literacy and coding skills among people of all ages and backgrounds. Activities are ongoing throughout the year, but two weeks are set aside that are specifically designated as Code Week – this year, 7-22 October.

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