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Moldova aims for Digital State: 2023-2030 Digital Transformation Strategy

The Cabinet of Ministers in the Republic of Moldova has approved the Digital Transformation Strategy for…

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New EU4Digital broadband report: Eastern Partnership connectivity and digital improvement

EU4Digital Facility has published a report on EU best practices in promoting competitive broadband. The report…

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EU-Moldova ‘roam like at home’ closer to reality

The European Commission adopted a proposal on 1 September 2023 to incorporate roaming into the EU-Moldova Asso…

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Join the conversation with EU4Digital: new Twitter expands the options

As the summer break draws to an end, the team that curates news, announcements, stories and other publications…

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Setting the pace: Moldova among first Eastern partner countries to pilot cross-border eSignature

Electronic signature is the future, already anchored in today’s digital reality.  Accelerated by the…

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eSignature: taking a step towards the digital future

Imagine that you own a small business and spend hours every week signing documents. Wouldn’t it be easier if y…

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Looking to the future: developing digital skills in the Republic of Moldova, with the help of the EU

When Ion Tașke goes to his day job in Chisinau, he can see how his fields are being cultivated in Hîncești Dis…

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Tackling the digital skills gap: a key priority for the EU and the Eastern Partnership

Digital transformation is rapidly changing the economic landscape. Emerging technologies heavily influence the…

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