The European Union’s EU4Digital Initiative supports the digital reform agenda in Ukraine with a range of actions to promote key areas of the digital economy and society in line with EU norms and practices, in order to bring economic growth, generate more jobs, improve people’s lives and help businesses.

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The harmonisation of digital markets in Ukraine will result in increased competition, meaning improved online services at better prices and with greater choice. It will attract investments and boost trade and employment, contributing to the social and economic development of the country.

Among the targets set by EU4Digital is to achieve a common roaming space among Eastern Partner countries by 2020, meaning cheaper calls for Ukrainians travelling within the region, as well as concrete support for the development of digital skills to match the demands of emerging sectors, and an enabling framework for innovation and start-ups. This will include selecting an ICT Innovation Centre in Ukraine and providing training in the sector. Support for cross-border eTrade will simplify export procedures, reduce border delays, and increase the security and transparency of operations, boosting the digital economy in Ukraine and the range and quality of services available to consumers. On eHealth, the Ukrainian health system, care professionals and ultimately patients will benefit from the development of guidelines and common standards on eHealth services, data exchange, and health records, in cooperation with national authorities.

EU4Digital complements bilateral EU support to Ukraine on applying e-governance solutions for local authorities and developing interoperability of administrative services, as well as to increased cyber resilience, notably before the elections.

Ukraine has set digital transformation as a policy priority, marked by recent successes in implementation of the ProZorro and eHealth systems, 4G mobile coverage, and the introduction of eServices in the public and private sectors. Ukraine’s digitalisation is led by joint efforts from the expert and business communities, and in 2018 the government adopted the Concept and the Action Plan for the Development of the Digital Economy and Society of Ukraine for 2018-2020. Priorities under Ukraine’s digital agenda include legislation on the digital economy and telecommunications, digital infrastructure including broadband strategy, the Cashless Economy Programme in the areas of eTrade, eTrust and Cybersecurity, and the ‘Smart Cities – Smart Regions’ initiative focused on decentralisation and implementation of eSkills, eHealth, and eTrade across the regions of Ukraine.

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