Telecom Rules

The European Union’s EU4Digital initiative supports efforts to achieve a common roaming space among Eastern Partner countries by 2020, to strengthen the independence of National Regulatory Authorities, and to develop coordinated strategies for frequency distribution.

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In support of these goals, the EU4Digital Facility will:

  • Develop and implement a common approach to roaming pricing in the EaP region
  • Strengthen the organisational and financial independence of National Regulatory Authorities  (NRA) for electronic communications
  • Support a coordinated approach for freeing 700 MHz in the 6 EaP partner countries

The EU4Digital Broadband project implemented by the World Bank also supports EU4Digital objectives on Telecoms, by accelerating broadband development in the EaP region through the roll-out of national broadband strategies, in line with similar EU strategies.

The Eastern Partnership Electronic Communications Regulators Network (EaPeReg) has set out five pillars for its activity:

  • Legislative approximation and fostering NRA independence
  • Spectrum coordination
  • Harmonisation of roaming tariffs
  • Benchmarking studies
  • Broadband development

By delivering these objectives in the area of Telecom rules, EU support will bring clear benefits to citizens and businesses in the Eastern Partnership region, in the form of lower roaming costs, stronger regulation that will lead to greater competition and investments, as well as protecting consumer rights, and the prospect of new wireless broadband opportunities and 5G.


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