The European Union’s EU4Digital Initiative supports the digital reform agenda in Armenia with a range of actions to promote key areas of the digital economy and society in line with EU norms and practices, in order to bring economic growth, generate more jobs, improve people’s lives and help businesses.

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EU4Digital builds on a long history of EU cooperation with Armenia in the field of e-government and digitisation, further strengthening EU-Armenia cooperation, with a focus on Telecom Rules, Trust and Security, e-Trade, ICT Innovation, e-Health, and e-Skills. The outcomes of the initiative will result in improved online services for Armenian citizens, at better prices and with greater choice, attracting investments, boosting trade and employment, as well as strengthening cooperation with EU member states and within the Eastern Partnership.

The EU is also funding a three-year project – EU4Armenia: e-Gov Actions (2017-2020) – that aims to establish a governmental interoperability platform, enabling a simplified and standardised secure connectivity between all organisations of the public administration of Armenia, and also introducing a One-Stop-Shop solution for border crossing points. The project will increase transparency, public control, and predictability of e-governance services, and aims to deliver time and cost savings by government agencies, economic entities, and citizens. 

Previous cooperation in the digital sphere includes EU support to Armenia’s e-civil status registry, ‘Mulberry’ paperless ministry, online business registry, e-penitentiary system, e-apostille, e-draft interactive portal to enable transparent and easy discussion over draft legal acts, and e-request online interactive portal to enable requests, complaints or suggestions to the government, etc.

A new Ministry of High-Tech Industry was created in Armenia in May 2019, which is also important in context of coordination of achieved, ongoing, and planned initiatives and for the increased effectiveness of the digital sector. Among the target objectives of the ministry are the development, implementation and result monitoring of the digital transformation agenda of the country that will be built on the following key areas, using a holistic approach:

  • digital governance;
  • digital economy;
  • digital society;
  • digital infrastructures.

Cybersecurity is a cross-cutting matter as well.

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