• Duration: 2016-2020
  • EU contribution: €9.4 million

Efficient provision of public services in Administrative Service Centres (ASCs) and the development of e-services are important for both citizens of large cities and hromadas. This process is supported by the EGOV4UKRAINE project, which is part of the EU-funded ‘U-LEAD with Europe’ Programme.

Among the main outcomes of EGOV4UKRAINE are the development and implementation of ‘Vulyk’, a modern information system for ASCs, and the ‘Trembita system’.

‘Vulyk’ helps ASCs operate faster and more efficiently by automating service delivery processes and enabling to send documents electronically.  In the future, ASCs using ‘Vulyk’ will be able to obtain the required information from public registries via the ‘Trembita system’ without the need to ask documents or certificates from citizens. It is planned that more than 400 ASCs will implement ‘Vulyk’ by the end of 2020.

The ‘Trembita system’ allows authorities to reuse and exchange data with other authorities and ASCs. As a result, public authorities can optimise their work and reduce the amout of paper certificates currently required from citizens. As an example, the ‘eBaby’ complex service is based on the ‘Trembita system’. Moreover, the government work processes will be more transparent.

In addition, the EGOV4UKRAINE project carried out an audit of state IT systems to prepare the integration of government databases with the ‘Trembita system’, and trained IT specialists involved in the implementation of ‘Vuly’k and’ Trembit’a.

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