EU4Digital’s recommendations for the harmonisation of eCommerce between the Eastern partner countries and the EU, with a gap analysis and recommendations report for Georgia.

The list of recommendations has been drawn up as part of the eCommerce activity under the EU4Digital Facility’s eTrade thematic area.

The overall objective of the report is to provide recommendations to harmonise eCommerce between the Eastern partner countries and the EU in three areas: ecosystem, legal framework and standards. The recommendations aim to:

  • Eliminate the barriers for cross-border eCommerce;
  • Boost cross-border eCommerce volume;
  • Increase awareness and prepare the countries for the EU 2021 eCommerce changes.

The gap analysis report for Georgia includes:

  • Gap analysis in eCommerce ecosystem area
  • Gap analysis in legal area
  • Gap analysis in standards area

The recommendations for Georgia include:

  • Ecosystem recommendations to eliminate the barriers for cross-border eCommerce
  • Legislation framework and standards recommendations to enable cross-border eCommerce with the EU.