EU4Digital partner EDIN launches E-SUPPLY project to develop business interaction between Ukraine and Europe

    • Date: 09/05/22
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    EU4Digital partner EDIN, one of the biggest electronic data interchange (EDI) service providers in Ukraine, has designed an initiative to establish efficient e-communications between European suppliers/producers and Ukrainian retailers. The E-SUPPLY project helps to provide for the Ukrainian population by allowing them to access and buy the products they need, despite the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. It came online in March 2022.

    EDIN services more than 120 retailers and more than 4,000 suppliers, and enjoys long-term affiliations with European associations and providers. Its network has been crucial to setting up this business nexus between European suppliers and Ukrainian retailers. With over 10 years of success in the field, the tried and tested cooperation that EDIN enjoys with its European partners is invaluable at this stage. The companies involved have been interacting for many years using electronic transactions, and the processes in use have been established through the support of European programmes such as EU4Digital.

    E-SUPPLY allows European suppliers and producers to upload their product catalogues and contact details simply and quickly through WebCabinet. Ukrainian retailers are able to see these catalogues in real time and can make orders online, or contact the suppliers directly. 

    And this system works both ways – European retailers can use this e-service to access the catalogues of Ukrainian suppliers and producers, so the cooperation flows in the other direction too.

    Some links and details about EDIN’s e-service can be found below:

    E-SUPPLY’s objective is to optimise international supply chains for the population of Ukraine, and prevent any shortages of essential goods. EDIN are encouraging international participation in this project, to ensure that commercial collaboration can support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.