Moldova: more than 32,000 have electronic signatures for government e-services

  • Date: 16/02/20
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Another 18,000 Moldovans received an electronic signature from the Centre of information technologies in finance (CTIF) in 2019, with 11.8% more new users than in 2018.

At the end of 2019, the total number of natural and legal persons with electronic signatures issued by the CTIF reached 32,400. The electronic signature gives owners access to all electronic public services. 

It can be used in MSign information systems, electronic reporting (e-Reporting), electronic declaration (e-Statement), electronic invoice (e-Invoice), electronic licences (e-Licensing), electronic civil status documents (e-Civil Status), electronic purchases (e-Procurement), etc. 

The electronic signature has the same legal force as the ordinary one and eliminates the need to visit government agencies.According to the Centre, the majority of users have updated their open key certificates.