Moldova urges entrepreneurs to apply to new SME Digitisation Programme

  • Date: 05/06/20
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Moldova’s Minister of Economy and Infrastructure Sergiu Railean has invited entrepreneurs to apply to the SME Digitisation Programme, launched on 1 June during an online event.

“Today we launch a new support programme for Small and Medium Enterprises and we make available to entrepreneurs 20 million lei for the development of e-commerce tools. This support tool will help local manufacturers to digitise their business processes and sell their products or services on online platforms. I thank my colleagues from ODIMM for managing to develop this programme and identify the financial resources needed to provide a solution to businessmen affected by trade restrictions during the pandemic crisis,” said Sergiu Railean.

According to the general director of ODIMM, Iulia Costin, the programme aims to provide support to businesses in creating websites, online stores, but also to provide grants for the purchase of digital technologies and solutions.

“At least 100 SMEs, beneficiaries of the programme, will receive a ‘voucher’ worth a maximum of 20,000 lei for accessing consulting and mentoring services in order to develop their own website, set up on social pages, develop an online profile and make company and product descriptions, etc. Also, entrepreneurs will benefit from financial support of 200,000 lei for the purchase of equipment and software in order to introduce new technologies in the context of digitalisation of SMEs and to eliminate or minimise market risks for at least 20 companies,” said Iulia Costin.

More information about the SME Digitisation Programme can be fond on the ODIMM website

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