Ukraine adopts Regulation on the Ministry of Digital Transformation

  • Date: 18/09/19
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Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved a Resolution on the activities of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, which also regulates its powers and spheres of responsibility. The relevant decision was made at a meeting of the Government on Wednesday, 18 September.

The newly established Ministry will be responsible for the formation and implementation of state policy in the sector of digitization, open data, national electronic information resources and interoperability, the introduction of electronic services, electronic trust services and more. The Ministry of Digital Transformation will also embark on the building of digital skills among citizens.

“Digitalization is a priority of state policy, which is why a responsible Ministry was set up to shape and implement the strategy. The adopted Regulation will allow us to organise the work of the Ministry of Digital Transformation on a tight schedule,” said Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation will serve as the central certification body in the sector of electronic trust services. Apart from that, the Ministry will also be responsible for developing broadband access to the Internet, telecommunications networks and the IT industry.

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