eFTI Regulation awareness raising and Digital Transport Corridors activity kick-off session

  • Date: 31/01/23 to 31/01/23
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This awareness-raising session will focus on what eFTI – electronic Freight Transport Information – will mean for the future of logistics in the EU and what the benefits and opportunities are for the Eastern Partner countries.

How many trees could be saved if freight transport information were exchanged digitally instead of on paper? It is estimated that 26,000 trees (234,000 boxes of printing paper) could be saved annually in the Western Balkans alone. For comparison, Central Park in New York city has around 18,000 trees.

Central Park, New York. Photo by Jeramine Ee from Unsplash

As the Eastern Partnership region is nearly five times larger, there could be a very positive environmental and economic impact, if the logistics industry switched to digital information exchange.

The logistics industry in the EU is taking steps towards digital freight. Paper documents and long lines at customs are set to be gradually replaced by electronic information exchange and smoother transit. The key role in the process is being played by the EU electronic Freight Transport Information (eFTI) Regulation, which is aligned with the region’s Smart and Sustainable Mobility Strategy and the Green Agenda and will be fully implemented by 2025. In essence, the eFTI Regulation is designed to establish a uniform legal framework for regulating digital freight documentation exchange, to define technical standards for eFTI gates and platforms and enforce the acceptance of information in electronic format among EU authorities (if transporting business chooses to provide it in digital format).

During EU4Digital Facility phase II, the eTrade stream’s eLogistics activity is being directed at the establishment of Digital Transport Corridors between EU and Eastern partner countries, with the key focus on eFTI deployment. The ultimate result of the activity is to develop a roadmap to deploy e-freight and implement eFTI Regulation in the selected Eastern Partner countries, creating an implementation plan to connect piloted eFTI gates and platforms with the EU.On 31 January, 12:00-13:00 (GMT+1), a virtual session will be held to build awareness and kick off the activity. The ultimate goal of the session is to show the significance of eFTI Regulation to the EU and Eastern partner countries and to introduce the Digital Transport Corridors activity that will contribute to eFTI deployment in two Eastern Partner countries.

The event is directed towards stakeholders in Eastern partner countries: governmental representatives from ministries of economy, infrastructure, high-tech industry, transport and others; customs authorities; commerce associations; public and private logistics sector representatives; EU Delegations and others. 

If you are among the target audience and are interested in participating in the event, please register by contacting Sabina Puzemskaja (Sabina.Puzemskaja[at]lt.ey.com). 

Registration is open until 27 January.