EU4Digital launches an eTrade pilot for cross-border invoicing between the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine

  • Date: 26/01/22
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EU4Digital has launched an additional eDelivery pilot between the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. This programme follows, and is built on the experience gained during, two previous successful pilots (one between Poland and Ukraine, the other between Armenia and Ukraine). During the launch, selected companies from both Moldova and Ukraine exchanged standardised invoice data via the eDelivery channel. The global Peppol network connects almost 40 countries: Ukraine became a member during the previous pilot activities, whereas Moldova joined as part of this one.

Participating companies and eDelivery Access Point providers

The following companies took part in the pilot activity and use the eDelivery channel to exchange invoice data:
MHP Ukraine – an agricultural holdings group specialising in poultry breeding, meat processing, crop production and the production of organic fertilizers. MHP products are supplied to 80 countries around the world.
MMD group – a Moldovan company focusing on importing food products into the country. It specialises in logistics and transport, customs brokerage services and importing meat. It also has various investments in the agricultural sector.
Oldcom – a PVC footwear company operating both in Ukraine and Moldova, it is a market leader in practical footwear products.

EDIN – one of the biggest electronic data interchange (EDI) service providers in Ukraine – has continued its active involvement in, and support for, the pilot.

The previously piloted solutions showcased numerous benefits for cross-border data exchange. The successful launch of this additional pilot activity, designed to improve how business is conducted between Moldova and Ukraine, is an important stepping stone. If the solution is taken up and developed further, it’s likely to result in more efficient communication between cross-border business partners and savings in terms of time and labour. 
While the pilot is limited in scope (i.e. it is only designed to test the invoice data exchange system being established between the countries involved), the activity itself has a broader goal – to prepare the Eastern partner countries for a further scale-up of these activities and the full-scale implementation of the solution. 


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