EU4Digital message on the situation in Ukraine

  • Date: 01/03/22
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Over the past three years, the EU4Digital Facility team has been working to support digital transformation in the Eastern partner countries. In Ukraine, the progress achieved through close cooperation with local actors has created tangible benefits for citizens and businesses from all parts of the country. The values of good governance, democracy, rule of law and human rights are fundamental to the implementation of partnerships for the benefit of the whole region. These are now being undermined by the war, destruction and humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine.

Since 2019, the EU4Digital team has partnered with Ukrainian colleagues and stakeholders, building friendships based on our shared goals for the region. As many of the local experts and coordinators remain on the ground in Ukraine, we stand ready to support them in the challenging environment in which they now operate. We strongly condemn the invasion of Ukraine. 

More information about the EU response to the situation in Ukraine can be found at the following pages:

EU solidarity with Ukraine | European Commission (