In this time of coronavirus, digital technology is playing an unprecedented role in the maintenance of daily life, of economic and social activity, and in the planned business recovery. The coronavirus pandemic could become the dawn of a new digital era by accelerating the maturity of digital technology. What was once a ‘nice to have’ could now become a ‘crucial to have’.

Who Is Prepared for the New Digital Age? Evidence from the EIB Investment Survey is a new report published by the European Investment Bank. It sheds light on the state of digitalisation in European countries.

The report analyses investment in, and adoption of, digital technologies by firms in the EU and the USA. Here are some of its key findings:

  • The EU lags behind the US in digitalisation
  • But four EU countries lead the US in digitalisation
  • Digital businesses outperform non-digital firms in
    growth and job creation

The report draws upon two unique sets of data, the EIB Investment Survey, which surveyed 13,500 businesses, and the EIB Investment Survey Start-up and Scale-up Survey.

Who Is Prepared for the New Digital Age? is now available free to download as a PDF and as e-book. Find a summary of the key findings here.