Women 4 Digital Future – virtual networking event

    • Date: 28/11/22 to 28/11/22
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    EU best practices and initiatives supporting women’s entrepreneurship and innovation will be introduced to the Eastern partner countries as the key focus of this session.

    This event is the first in the new (2022-2025) cycle of EU4Digital Facility events. It is focused on networking between EaP and EU players in different areas related to the ICT innovation and start-up ecosystem. This event puts emphasis on women-led ventures in technology and innovation areas, which is a logical continuation of the EU4Digital Facility Phase I initiatives around women upskilling in tech through mentorship programmes.

    The virtual networking session will bring together selected EU organisations that will share their best practices with Eastern partner governmental representatives, innovation and start-up ecosystem organisations, as well as initiatives and experts engaged with women in ICT and tech entrepreneurship support, who are interested in collaboration and extension of the EU practices.

    The goal of this networking event is to foster and increase women led start-ups and innovative entrepreneurship in the digital economy across the Eastern partner countries.The event will raise awareness about the EU gender policy agenda and the advanced practices and tools of EU-based organisations that support women-led businesses with specific information, finance, knowledge and networks. The session will introduce existing resources and assistance that is available at country and EU levels that can help accelerate the development of women-led start-ups and innovative companies and which can be available to the Eastern partnership countries. Participants will be invited to discuss potential collaboration areas and ways to achieve integration with relevant EU communities and networks.

    The session will be opened with a keynote speech from a representative of the European Commission, DG NEAR. Then, the selected EU organisations supporting women’s entrepreneurship will present their activities, tools and initiatives for female-led businesses in Europe.

    Representatives of the following EU organisations and initiatives will contribute to the event: 

    More information about these EU organisations can be found in the event agenda (pdf).

    If you are interested in participating in this event, please email eu4digital[at]lt.ey.com or anna.pobol[at]gmail.com. Registration is open until 25 November.