Electronic identification and trust law brings Ukraine and EU partners closer

  • Date: 03/01/23
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Ukrainians will experience simplified electronic interactions when doing business with European partners and be able to use qualified signatures obtained in the EU when using various services. This will be results of Ukraine’s Law 2801-ІХ “On electronic trust services and electronic identification”, which was signed by the President of Ukraine on 29 December 2022. This law accelerates the ability of Ukraine to integrate with the EU Digital Single Market and brings the provisions of national legislation closer to the EU norms in the areas of electronic identification and electronic trust services. 

Approximately 90 legal acts of Ukraine on electronic trust services and electronic identification services will be brought in line with European standards. 

According to the Law, Ukraine will recognise the status of European qualified providers, status of qualified electronic signatures used by European qualified providers in the provision of electronic trust services, and a list of trust lists of EU member states – information about which is published by the European Commission. 

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