Pilot for export dataset exchange goes live between Belarus and Lithuania

  • Date: 12/05/21
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An EU4Digital pilot action to exchange export declaration data between Belarus and Lithuania was launched on 10 May 2021.

The piloting of cross-border exchange of limited and full declaration dataset from export declarations is being carried out between the Kamienny Loh (Belarus) and Medininkai (Lithuania) border crossing points. Volunteer companies are taking part in the pilot activity by giving consent for their data to be shared. 

The companies’ data is used for the automatic real-time exchange of customs data between bordering Customs administrations applying the SEED (Systematic Exchange of Electronic Data) solution. Where possible, data matching functionality will be applied to identify potential risky consignments, in cases where discrepancies in key data elements are discovered.

The piloted data exchange will enable various trade facilitation measures:

  • The exchange of cross-border customs information in real time will minimise disruption of international trade flows across the two countries’ borders, which in turn will assure the timely delivery of goods.  
  • Faster document processing will facilitate customs formalities and border crossing, where possible, by means of separate lanes reducing the time needed to carry out formalities. 
  • Quicker cargo risk assessment and where possible non-application of physical control. Since full datasets from export declarations are to be exchanged, this will potentially decrease the risk of serious customs fraud like smuggling. Additionally, this will make the pilot participant more reliable – sharing the full set of data from the export declarations would confirm that the cargo being transported poses less risk. 

The piloting of the scenarios is expected to last two weeks. 

Testing of the exchange of data on empty trucks was already carried out successfully in December. The Customs Administrations of Belarus and Lithuania confirmed that the piloting of the scenario proved the benefits of the SEED solution for exchanging the data on empty means of transport, i.e. enabling the automatic verification that a truck declared empty at the exit customs office is also declared empty at the neighbouring customs office. Both Customs Administrations are looking forward to adopting the use of the solution in production.

The EU4Digital eCustoms pilot is considered to be the starting point, which will be followed with recommendations for the necessary legal, technical and organisational adjustments for full-scale solution implementation.

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