Ukraine: U-LEAD with Europe Programme presents recommendations on digital transformation of administrative services

  • Date: 01/03/21
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The EU-funded U-LEAD with Europe Programme in Ukraine has presented its recommendations on the digital transformation of administrative services provision and Administrative Service Centres, developed by Ukrainian and Swedish experts.

The recommendations were presented at a conference on 23 February on ‘Digital Transformation of Administrative Services and Administrative Service Centres: Challenges and Opportunities’.

Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov told participants: The digital transformation of public services is one of our most important priorities. We create convenient government services that simplify the lives of Ukrainians. Our goal is to transform 100% of public services online by 2024 to ensure that every Ukrainian has equal opportunities and equal access to them.

He added: “The Ministry has already made significant progress in implementing a comprehensive reform of administrative services. And we are grateful to our European partners, the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, for their cooperation in our joint projects. In particular, the introduction of technical conditions for the development of public electronic services, modernisation of ASCs, creation of ‘Vulyk’ and ‘Trembita’ information systems.

“Digital transformation highly increases the efficiency of the state as a service institution for citizens, as well as significantly optimises the internal management processes in the state,” said Natalia Starostenko, Head of Local Development Sector of the EU Delegation to Ukraine. “The dynamics in this area highlight the need for knowledge and tools for implementing digital solutions at the local level. I am confident that the recommendations of the U-LEAD Programme will be a guide for government authorities and hromadas to ensure modern and convenient access to online and offline services for people, which is one of the priorities of the EU in Ukraine.

The document features recommendations for new challenges in the field of administrative services caused by the significant intensification of digital transformation on the state level and the transformation of the field of administrative services. The document is designed to draw the attention of responsible government authorities to the challenges in this area and the importance of ensuring conditions for accessible and quality administrative services. The report draws on the Swedish experience in the digital transformation of public services. 

U-LEAD with Europe is an international programme funded by the European Union and its Member States Germany, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Estonia and Slovenia. U-LEAD with Europe contributes to the establishment of a multilevel governance system in Ukraine, which is transparent, accountable and meeting citizen’s needs.

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