CyberSecurity and CyberEast projects host workshop on cybercrime and cybersecurity policies with Moldovan authorities

  • Date: 23/03/21
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A workshop took place in Moldova on 19 March 2021, jointly organised by the EU-funded EU4Digital CyberSecurity East and CyberEast projects, to facilitate discussion with national counterparts on their progress and further plans on cybersecurity and cybercrime policies. 

Moldova has employed a hybrid approach to cybersecurity and cybercrime policies over the years, with cybercrime, and in particular implementation of the Budapest Convention, being an integral part of their cybersecurity policies. 

The two EU-funded projects will support the Moldovan authorities in the implementation of their strategy and action plan, with specific activities planned together with national counterparts.

Cybersecurity is critical to both prosperity and security. As our daily lives and economies increasingly rely on digital technologies, we become more and more exposed to malicious cyber-attacks. Harmful and hostile cyber activities have both criminal and political motivations, threatening our economies, democratic freedoms and values. Cybercrime policies and, in general, criminal justice action in cyberspace, are crucial pillars of ensuring security in cyberspace.

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