So what does EU4Digital do to promote eTrade in the Eastern Partnership region?

  • Date: 24/04/20
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As part of EU4Digital, several activities and pilots support cross-border collaboration. The focus is to harmonise the following areas of eTrade:

  • Cross-border eTrade: exchange of paperless documents between trade partners (e.g. businesses and government) from different countries. 
  • eCustoms: systematic and automatic exchange of customs information (e.g. pre-arrival information exchange, risk assessment, data matching, results of customs controls) between logistics business and customs authorities.
  • Digital Transport Corridor: data-related services across physical transport corridors for end-to-end information exchange at all stages of transportation – air, road, rail and sea.
  • eCommerce: sale of goods through electronic transactions carried out on computer networks.
  • Networking: involvement of stakeholders from Eastern partner countries to build connections and to share information about trends, actions and state of play in eTrade with EU counterparts.