What is the cross-border eTrade pilot? Which countries are involved and what exactly does it do? Can we expect its benefits to be replicated across all countries in the coming years?

  • Date: 24/04/20
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The aim of the pilot activity is to test cross-border data exchange between several public and private entities using the eDelivery solution. The goal is to see whether such data exchange can be fully functioning from the following perspectives:

  • Technical. Test if interoperability can be reached and if there are technical barriers preventing the solution from being used on cross-border level. 
  • Legal. During the pilot, a primary legal environment review will be performed and a temporary environment will be established, where it can be ensured that exchanged data are legally acceptable (this could be done by signing an MoU or other international agreement).
  • Organisational. Responsible institutions will have to be identified and required organisational/institutional changes will have to be made.

After completion of the pilot project, the EU4Digital Facility team will collect the feedback from participating companies/government institutions and prepare recommendations for required changes in the above-mentioned areas in order to implement the full-scale solution and make it fully functioning, as well as legally binding.

Two eDelivery pilots will take place, one between an Eastern partner and an EU country – Ukraine and Poland – and the other between two Eastern partner countries – Moldova and Belarus.

Site visits will be organised for partner country representatives to observe piloted solutions, which will enable them to make informed decisions regarding the implementation of specific solutions in their country.