E-commerce Association established in Belarus

  • Date: 20/11/19
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The Association of E-commerce (APOT) has been created in Belarus, with the aim of representing the interests of e-commerce entrepreneurs, developing proposals to improve conditions for online sales, and exchange experience with similar business communities in other countries.

Belarusian businesses engaged in e-commerce are at a disadvantage compared to sellers in neighbouring Russia, for example, where online shops are allowed to sell jewellery made of precious metals, to sell medicines, and where a draft law being developed will soon allow the sale of alcoholic beverages through the Internet.

The Association of E-commerce plans to take measures to align the terms of e-commerce in Belarus with those in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, including by concluding memoranda of cooperation with similar associations.

The Association’s plans for the near future include expanding the list of goods allowed for sale online, protecting national online stores from unfair competition from online stores registered in other jurisdictions, and identifying and informing relevant government agencies about illegally operating online sellers.

The Association believes that the implementation of the plans will create additional jobs in Belarus, increase production and sales of domestic goods and, as a result, the country’s GDP.

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