Moldovan telecoms regulator examined 182 petitions in 2019

  • Date: 27/01/20
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Moldova’s National Agency for Regulation in Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) registered and examined 182 petitions, received from users of electronic communications and postal services in 2019, a decrease of 32% compared to 2018.

Of the total number of petitions examined by ANRCETI, 91.2% concerned electronic communications services, and 8.8% related to the provision of postal services. According to the report, most users were dissatisfied with the quality of Internet access services (58 petitions), reporting problems including payments (12 petitions), temporary suspension of services (9 petitions), speed of Internet access ( 7 petitions), conditions for the provision of services (7 petitions), and modification of the technology used (4 petitions). 

According to the report, all the petitions registered with ANRCETI were examined within the deadline and manner established by the relevant legislation. The well-founded petitions (26) were resolved in favour of the consumers. In the other cases, ANRCETI offered the petitioners appropriate recommendations for the problems reported.

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