CyberEast: webinar on cyberviolence against women

  • Date: 24/11/20
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A new online event in the series of C-PROC webinars on cyberviolence, organised as part of the EU-funded CyberEast project, took place on 12 November, with a focus on cyberviolence against women.

This webinar included presentations and discussions to raise awareness about the Istanbul Convention, the 2019 Recommendation on preventing and combating sexism and other relevant topics that are inherently connected to the use of information and communications technology. Roles and responsibilities of various institutions and actors, including law enforcement, in deterring and handling of these threats were discussed, together with good practices in dealing with various forms of cyberviolence.

The webinar was open for participation to officials and policy makers responsible for cybercrime and cybersecurity, as well as violence against women and domestic violence, criminal justice authorities (judges, prosecutors, law enforcement agencies), non-governmental organisations and researchers/academia with an interest in the subject.

More background information, the list of invited speakers and selected resources can be consulted on the webinar webpage, together with the presentations used by the speakers during the event.

This webinar was organised in the framework of joint European Union and Council of Europe CyberEast project aiming to support cyber resilience of the Eastern Partnership countries, together with Council of Europe’s Violence against Women Division and the Gender Equality Division.

The next C-PROC webinars will soon be announced and published under the Webinars section.

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