New Portuguese Presidency of the EU sets focus on Digital Europe

  • Date: 12/01/21
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The new Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union has set a “digital recovery” as one of the main priorities of its six-month Presidency.

With the motto ‘Time to deliver: a fair, green and digital recovery’, the Portuguese Presidency aims to strengthen Europe’s resilience and its citizens’ confidence in the European social model, promoting a Union based on shared values of solidarity, convergence and cohesion to recover from the current pandemic crisis.

It will aim to ensure that the dual climate and digital transition is achieved in an inclusive way, without leaving anyone behind, while addressing the social dimension of the pandemic.

Digital Europe is one of the five lines of action of the Portuguese Presidency — together with Resilient Europe, Green Europe, Social Europe and Global Europe — and aims to “accelerate digital transformation in the service of citizens and enterprises” spelling out the following priorities:

  • Accelerate the digital transition as a driving force of the economic upturn and promote European leadership in digital innovation and the digital economy.
  • Encourage new digital solutions and strategies for the green transition, in the fields of health, research and innovation (R&I), industrial property, justice and mobility.
  • Promote improved access to and sharing of quality data and information, in order to facilitate the lives of citizens, in particular by creating the European digital identity, and also work for technology in the service of people and of a fair and competitive economy, in full respect for the values of a democratic, open and sustainable society.
  • Pay attention to the universal development of digital skills, enabling workers to adapt to new production processes, without forgetting distance learning within the framework of lifelong.
  • To give visibility to implementation of best digital practices, with a view to modernising public administration, in particular through the use of artificial intelligence.
  • Promote a competitive space sector, integrated in the economy, that maximises the use of space data and technologies by enterprises and by public policies.

EU4Digital aims to extend the benefits of the European Union’s Digital Single Market to the Eastern Partner states, channelling EU support to develop the potential of the digital economy and society, in order to bring economic growth, generate more jobs, improve people’s lives and help businesses. 

Portugal will be presiding over the EU Council until 30 June 2021.

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