EU4Digital: individual eHealth workshops with EaP countries

  • Date: 05/10/20
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Between June and September 2020, the EU4Digital eHealth stream has organised six individual virtual events for the six Eastern partner countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine), with the purpose to introduce results and recommendations specific to each country. 

During each event, representatives of the eHealth stream presented their progress on several activities, including the development of Common eHealth Interoperability guidelines, as well as providing recommendations specific to each country. eHealth representatives also provided insight on the eHealth collaboration platform activation plan, and recommendations regarding further involvement in EIP on AHA activities.

The first part of each event included an overview of EU4Digital common assessment results, general to the EaP region. The main focus then shifted to discuss the results of a country-level assessment measuring maturity and readiness levels for cross-border harmonisation and interoperability, as well as to identify gaps based on the EU eHealth recommendations and specifications.

The EU4Digital eHealth team also announced that the Communication portal has been officially launched. The portal was introduced to the meeting attendees with a walk through the main contents available. 

Each event ended with recommendations regarding further EaP country involvement in EIP on AHA activities to each country with a focus on practical perspectives. Twelve EIP on AHA repository practice recommendations for EaP region have been provided. The eHealth team also introduced the steps for becoming involved in Action Group activities. Highest thematic interests in practical solutions for both digital and non-digital practices for EaP region have been presented, including recommendations for next steps for each country.