Telecom Rules

The European Union’s EU4Digital initiative supports efforts to achieve a common roaming space among Eastern Partner countries by 2020, to strengthen the independence of National Regulatory Authorities, and to develop coordinated strategies for frequency distribution.

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Trust and Security

EU4Digital supports the development of trust services in the digital economy, and cyber-security for improved resilience of critical infrastructure, as essential building blocks for interoperable cross-border eServices in the Eastern Partnership region.

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Through its EU4Digital initiative, the European Union supports trade facilitation and harmonisation among Eastern Partner countries and with the EU, by promoting common frameworks for eCommerce, eCustoms and eLogistics, and working towards Digital Transport Corridors.

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ICT innovation

Through its EU4Digital initiative, the European Union supports reforms and actions to favour the development of ICT research, start-ups & innovation ecosystems across the Eastern Partnership region, drawing from EU experience and best practices.

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Through the EU4Digital initiative, the European Union supports the development of harmonised national frameworks for eHealth, both among EaP partner countries and with the EU.

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The European Union supports the implementation of digital skills strategies in the Eastern Partnership countries, acting to establish national coalitions for digital jobs and a competence framework for small businesses.

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Good practices and international collaboration, especially active and healthy ageing

  • 22/09/21 to 22/09/21

The EU4Digital eHealth team will host a virtual eHealth event on 22 September, bringing together eHealth Network members from the Eastern partner countries and partners from Innovation Networks for Active and Healthy Ageing (IN-4-AHA).

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EU4Digital Steering Committee

  • 27/09/21 to 01/10/21

The EU4Digital Initiative is holding its third annual Steering Committee Meeting from 27 September to 1 October

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Digital Conference for the Eastern Partnership

  • 27/09/21 to 27/09/21

Key stakeholders from across the Eastern Partnership will gather on 27 September for the ‘Digital Conference for the Eastern Partnership’

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