Trust and Security

EU4Digital supports the development of trust services in the digital economy, and cyber-security for improved resilience of critical infrastructure, as essential building blocks for interoperable cross-border eServices in the Eastern Partnership region.

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In support of these goals, the EU4Digital Facility will:

  • Develop and implement a regional roadmap and national action plans for the mutual recognition of electronic identification in the EaP region
  • Pilot an interoperable cross-border eSignature in the region
  • Develop a regional framework for cross-border eServices
  • Develop a standard set of cyber-security guidelines for the EaP region

The Facility supports the priorities of the EU4Digital Trust & Security network, which include:

Digital Trust

  • Approximation of legislation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions to EU standards (eIDAS Regulation)
  • Deploy relevant digital infrastructures in partner countries
  • Roadmap for mutual recognition of electronic identification in the EaP region
  • Interoperable cross-border eSignature between the EaP and EU
  • Regional framework for cross-border eServices for business


  • Develop national roadmaps and implement national cyber-security strategies in partner countries
  • Set-up national Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) in each country
  • Develop a standard set of cyber-security guidelines for the EaP region

The EU4Digital Cyber programme, consisting of two projects, Cybersecurity EAST and Cybercrime, will also contribute to improving the cyber-resilience and criminal justice response of EaP Partner countries, focused on two key building blocks: the development of technical and cooperation mechanisms that increase cyber-security and preparedness against cyber-attacks, and the full implementation of an effective framework to combat cybercrime.

By developing trust and security in the digital economy, the EU facilitates electronic transactions for businesses and citizens, making them safer, faster and cheaper, and contributes to the resilience of critical digital infrastructure in areas such as telecoms, energy, transport, or banking, resulting in a stronger, more dynamic economy and increased consumer trust.


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